Chris endorses and performs on Powell Signature Trumpets.  If you'd like more information on any of the equipment listed, please feel free to contact Chris.

Bb Trumpet: Powell Signature Bb

C Trumpet: Powell Signature C

Rotary C: Stomvi Titan

Piccolo: Schilke P5-4

Eb/D: Kanstul CCT-923

Flugelhorn: Kanstul ZKF-1525



Chris uses a variety of mouthpieces depending on the job he's playing.  His favorite mouthpiece makers/designers include:

Bob Reeves Brass

Pickett Brass

Karl Hammond Design

Patrick Mouthpieces



Chris uses Torpedo Bags for his horns.

"When I travel, I love the Classic (single) and the Coyote (multiple horns) cases. The protection is outstanding and I never worry about my horns when they are in these cases."


Torpedo Bags