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I've been reading my fair share of blogs recently and never really considered writing one myself. Yet, here we are. I don't plan to blog only about trumpet or music. I'm a huge sports fan. Any sport really. I teach many levels of students. Maybe I'll opine about education or trends I see in today's youth. This will not be written in a scholarly fashion, rather in my own voice. I'll see how it goes and hopefully provide some insights on life, music, and more. Thanks for stopping by!!


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Practice Routine Principles

I'm a big believer in fundamentals and fundamental practice. I think it is less about what you play and more important to focus on how you go about it. Mindless wandering or doing the same thing with

S is for Sound

Let's delve into my take on Ray Sasaki's SAFARE principle a little more. Sound is number one! This has to be the overriding goal of everything we do on the trumpet. Why did you choose the trumpet?


This is one of those topics that is always talked about, but most people never really commit to the follow through. I'm not talking about time in the musical sense, although that is an important post

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Feb 19, 2019

Good Idea. It keeps your site content fresh and boosts your web rankings.

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